Pasteur Marlène BilodeaPastor Marlene has only one desire : To serve God and His people the way He called her to. She was ordained by Dr.Russ Moyer in 2012. She is part of the Network of the ordained ministers of Eagle Worldwide Ministries.

Since the day she gave her life to Jesus Christ in 1994, she has propel God’s Kingdom as a Market Place minister through her business of consulting in strategic management of human resources and  coaching of leaders.

She still works in her field were she cumulates 40 years of experience. She is the founder and president of the Ministry “A Refuge Under His Wings-Quebec”.

“A Refuge Under His Wings-Quebec” is a prophetic ministry aligned with the

Pastor Marlene built a church, “God’s Embassy”, who was birthed in her home in 2009 and is now under the spiritual covering of her Ministry.

The mission she received from God is to contribute to the development of the integrity of the body of Christ, which means that each Christian walks in the fulness of the power he received from God to accomplish His will : the progress of His Kingdom on earth.

She is also a speaker known to bring a message that is in the now and gives all the keys to apply God’s Word in the day to day situations of life.

She authored 5 books and founded her own publishing house.

In 2015, she has been commissioned as an Ambassadorial Prophetess of the International Coalition of Prophets by Dr.Russ Moyer, Founder and Presiding Prophet of the International Coalition of Prophets.