aigle3Jesus is reforming His Church. He is restoring back the five fold ministries in the order of spiritual authority He gave them to His Church. The Apostles and the Prophets received a mission that is fundamental to bring the will of God in the Body of Christ. They must be recognized and take their position in the body of Christ.

Each child of God was created unique and is called to fulfill a very precise mission ordained by God for his life. God’s children are not all called in one of the five fold ministries that Jesus gave to His Church for her edification, but all are sent in the ministry. Jesus himself commanded to all His disciples to go into the world to proclaim the Gospel of the Kingdom, heal the sick and deliver the captives.

All God’s children are ambassadors of His Kingdom in their spheres of influence : their neighbourhood and the market place.

Each child of God is called to walk in His excellence and in the power of the revelation of His sovereignty in his life. The spiritual gifts are not only for an elite. All the Saints must earnestly desire the spiritual gifts that are given by the Holy Spirit in accordance with the need and, most of all, the gift of prophecy.

Sanctification is the path that leads to the fulness of the spiritual potential of the believer.

Unity and love are the foundation of the manifestation of God’s power in the body of Christ.

We will do what is necessary so that each member of the Body of Christ may accomplish the mission God gave him for his life.

Teaching  God’s Word,  impartation, activation are the ways we believe in to bring all the Saints to work together to spread the Good News of the Kingdom of God.

We find also important to answer to the needs of deliverance, inner healing and  personal development of God’s children. A Christian must get rid of everything that has traumatized him and tries to prevent him from living the fulness of life Jesus gave us. A Christian must learn to know himself and grow as a person because spiritual growth depends on it.

We recognize those who are called in the five fold ministries and help them to be sent in their calling and mentor them to help them grow.

We desire that the Church of Jesus walks in the power of the Holy Spirit, with signs and wonders to do the works of our Father in Heaven by going to all nations proclaiming the Gospel of  Jesus-Christ, delivering the captives and healing the sick.

It is not by our good works that we are saved, but by the grace of God. Performance has entered the Church and its rules and principles have brought many of God’s people under a yoke of bondage that we want to destroy. Christ did set us free and His yoke is Love.