Mission of ICOPs:

The International Coalition of Prophets is an alliance of five fold ministers operation in the office gift of the prophet from Ephesians 4.11-12, that have chosen to walk in covenant relationship with one another and in alignment with the Apostolic movement.

Our primary and overlapping interest is the restoration of the office gift of the Prophet and the gift of prophecy back into the church with character, integrity and proper biblical protocol. We are in alignment with the Apostolic movement and with the other five fold office giftings: the Teacher, Pastor and Evangelist.
We believe in proper order, protocol, alignment and accountability in the Body, and in accordance with this, our movement is:
Apostolically led and Prophetically influenced.
We are a company of Prophets, Prophetic Intercessors and Emerging Prophets. Our focus will include proper biblical education, training, practical experience, with a generational focus on legacy. As well as being a prophetic voice to this generation, we consider it essential to equip and empower the next generation with a vision for the future and to work together for the establishment of legacy.