In the Center of Education a program developed by the ministry “Un Refuge Sous Ses Ailes-Quebec”  to support in a tangible way the children in elementary schools who have needs in clothing, shoes, school articles and many other things. The purpose of this program is to help the children who are in need to have a better image of themselves and eliminate factors that seem superficial, but are often part of the root that causes a child to drop out of school.

It is important for our children to eat well to succeed in school, but lacking in the other things and wearing clothes and shoes that do not fit them well and have belonged to others, not having the means to participate is school activities have an impact on self-esteem.

We want to work in collaboration with the directors of the elementary schools to reach the parents who are in need and bring them our support by letting them buy the clothes and shoes for their children. It is important for us that the parents be involved so the children will turn their hearts towards their parents and not toward us.

It is, consequently, our strategy to open a door and talk with the parents to identify how we can help them with the problems they encounter and be able to put in place services that will impact our community.

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