God has a plan for each one of us. When we enter the Kingdom of God, His plan for our lives is reactivated. However, to walk in the plan God made for our life, it is important to learn about our inheritance in Christ.

The ministry offers Biblical teachings on the foundations of the christian life.

Each Christian must grow spiritually and for that to happen, it is important for him to be guided in the acquisition of the knowledge necessary to interpret the Bible, to learn how to apply its principles in daily life and have the impact and the influence he is called to have in the world for the Kingdom of God.

By knowing the Word of God a Christian will be equipped to deal with all challenges and difficulties life will place in his path and it is then that he will live the abundant life that Jesus gives to those who trust in Him completely.

Seminars, conferences and workshops about all the tools Jesus gave to His Church for her edification are offered to those who desire and decide to become everything God has called them to be.

We believe in mentoring as a powerful tool to support the development of those called to be part of the prophetic generation that we are. We must invest quality time on an individual base et in small groups to make sure that each believer feels as a member of the family of God and finds his place to bring his contribution to the works Jesus calls His Church to do.